Îuoi (Holidays)


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  1. I’d be interested to hear what evidence there is for Lugus winning the grain harvest. I know that in the Irish myths Lugh instigated Lughnasadh for his mother, Tailtiu, after her death. Also that he freed Ireland from the oppression of the Formorians by defeating Balor, so won back the fertility of the land. What do we know about Lugus? Oddly there are no connections with the harvest in the stories of Lleu Llaw Gyfes in Wales.


  2. This is actually based on a modern myth by Selgowiros Caranticnos to tie in the grain harvest with Irish Lugnasadh. Amongst some Gaulish Polytheists, this has been accepted as why this holiday is about Lugus.

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      1. I’ll have to show you on Facebook. He gave me pictures. He has artwork for the myths, which is why I think he did it. I’ll tag you.


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