Trasnemos Galatîs

I’ve decided to work on a series of projects called Satoi (Seeds). This will help me with language work, and also hopefully plant concepts (Hence the name) that others will hopefully expand upon. The ultimate goal of course being the furthering and expansion of ideas and avenues of exploration for all Galatîs.

Most of this work comes from a work based on Gaulish language scholarship, but is made to be used as a living language: Iextâ Galation. The works of which have yet to be published. Iumâros Cunouellani is the creator. Most of the words are in Iextâ Galation.

Within, you will find that most figures from Classical lore have been given Gaulish figures in their place. As it was common for the Gauls to take something from the Classical world and inject their own worldview and ideas.

Trasnemos Galatîs (A Galatîs Astrnomy)

Reuîs (Planets):

Mercury – Esus
Venus – Sironâ
Earth – Litauiâ
Mars – Camulos
Jupiter – Taranis
Saturn – Sucellos
Uranus – Dêiuos
Neptune – Nodentus

Allocarboi (Other Bodies):
Sun – Sonnos
Moon – Lucrâ
Pluto – Iêmonos

Consseriâ (Constellations):

Andromeda – Cammâ (Gaulish heroine)
Argo Navis – Mârolongos (Great Ship)
Aquarius – Dubrodamânis (Water Bearer)
Aquila – Eriros (Eagle)
Ara – Carnâ (Altar, in this case stacked stones)
Aries – Moltos (Ram)
Auriga – Eponâ (A Goddess)
Boötes – Borbetos (Shepherd)
Cancer – Crancos (Crab)
Canis Major – Cû Sucelli (Hound of Sucellos)
Canis Minor – Colignos (Lap Dog)
Capricorn – Morigabros (Sea Goat)
Cassiopeia – Rosmertâ (A Goddess)
Centaurus – Epouiros (“Horse Man” Centaur)
Cepheus – Ambigatus (Gaulish King from legend)
Centus – Morimilon (Whale)
Corona Australis – Samorix (Summer King, my own idea)
Corona Borealis – Giamorix (Winter King, ditto)
Corvus – Boduos (Crow)
Crater – Annâ (Cup)
Cyngus – Elârci (Swan)
Delphinus – Morimoccus (Dolphin, lit. Sea Pig. That’s what I was given. Don’t look at me.)
Draco – Drixsis (Dragon)
Equuelus – Miloepos (Little Horse)
Eridanus – Abonâ Sirânon (River of Stars)
Gemini – Iunoi (Twins)
Hercules – Ogmios (A God)
Hydra – Andenametos (Eneny of Taranis, my own idea)
Leo – Lugus (A God)
Lepus – Casnos (Hare)
Libra – Talos (Balance)
Lupus – Bledinos (Wolf)
Lyra – Crottos (Lyre)
Ophiuchus – Natrix Carnoni (Serpent of Carnonos)
Orion – Maponos (A God)
Pegasus – Epos Etrontos (Winged Horse)
Perseus – Loucetios (A God)
Pisces – Esoges (Salmon)
Piscis Australis – Esoges Andouniâs (Salmon of the Well, admittedly borrowed from Irish lore)
Sagitta – Isos (Arrow)
Sagittarius – Selgoepos (lit. Hunt Horse)
Scorpio – Scorpios (Scorpion)
Serpens – Natrix (Serpent)
Taurus – Taruos (Bull)
Triangle – Trileton (Triangle)
Ursa Major – Andarta (A Goddess)
Ursa Minor – Artius (A Goddess)
Virgo – Nemetonâ (A Goddess)

The word Drixsis is given by a Druid named Farwater. Who has done plenty of work himself in Ancient Celtic language. What isn’t in Iextâ Galation, but a couple of words, I simply tried to work forward from Proto Indo-European, or directly loaned and Gallicized from Ancient Greek.

Before it is mentioned, I know that there are a lot of speculations on the Gaulish language and that any diealect of it is impossible to know in full. However, if Galatîs are to move forward, we must have a language.

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