Ansonbessus (Our Custom)

Within, you will find the various elements of the Bessus, that is custom, of Tegoslougos Nemotarvos. A Gaulish Polytheist tradition crafted for my household. It is here that I lay bare my practice in the hopes that others might find something within it of use. It is often said that there is not Gaulish Polytheism, but Gaulish Polytheisms. I find this to be the truth.

Our practices aren’t any more valid than anyone else’s. However, we hope you find something of use. I want to share ours in honor of those who shared with me.

Sernis Bituion (Cosmology)

Dêwoi (Gods) of Tegoslougous Nemotarvos

A Reckoning of Time

Îuoi (Holidays)

Ritual Format

Uepoi Bessous (Words of Practice)